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Currently there are no guidelines within the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) on construction phasing and maintenance of traffic (MOT) for retrofit construction and maintenance projects involving innovative geometric designs. The research presented in this report addressed this gap in existing knowledge by investigating the state of the practice of construction phasing and MOT for several types of innovative geometric designs including the roundabout, single point urban interchange (SPUI), diverging diamond interchange (DDI), restricted-crossing left turn (RCUT), median U-turn (MUT), and displaced left turn (DLT). This report provides guidelines for transportation practitioners in developing construction phasing and MOT plans for innovative geometric designs. This report includes MOT Phasing Diagrams to assist in the development of MOT strategies for innovative designs. The MOT Phasing Diagrams were developed through a review of literature, survey, interviews with practitioners, and review of plans from innovative geometric design projects. These diagrams are provided as a tool to assist in improving work zone safety and mobility through construction of projects with innovative geometric designs. The aforementioned synthesis of existing knowledge documented existing practices for these types of designs.


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InTrans Project 06-277; TPF-5(081)

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Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative; Iowa Department of Transportation; Federal Highway Administration



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