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The Office of Special Investigations at Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) collects FWD data on regular basis to evaluate pavement structural conditions. The primary objective of this study was to develop a fully-automated software system for rapid processing of the FWD data along with a user manual. The software system automatically reads the FWD raw data collected by the JILS-20 type FWD machine that Iowa DOT owns, processes and analyzes the collected data with the rapid prediction algorithms developed during the phase I study. This system smoothly integrates the FWD data analysis algorithms and the computer program being used to collect the pavement deflection data. This system can be used to assess pavement condition, estimate remaining pavement life, and eventually help assess pavement rehabilitation strategies by the Iowa DOT pavement management team. This report describes the developed software in detail and can also be used as a user-manual for conducting simulation studies and detailed analyses.

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Iowa State University

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CTRE Project 04-177 Phase 2

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Iowa Department of Transportation



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