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Premature deterioration of concrete at the joints in concrete pavements and parking lots has been reported across the northern states. The distress is first observed as shadowing when microcracking near the joints traps water, later exhibiting as significant loss of material. Not all roadways are distressed, but the problem is common enough to warrant attention. The aim of the work being conducted under this and parallel contracts was to improve understanding of the mechanisms behind premature joint deterioration and, based on this understanding, develop training materials and guidance documents to help practitioners reduce the risk of further distress and provide guidelines for repair techniques. While work is still needed to understand all of the details of the mechanisms behind premature deterioration and prevention of further distress, the work in this report has contributed to advancing the state of knowledge.

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InTrans Project 09-361; Iowa DOT TPF-5(224); DTFH61-06-H-00011 Work Plan 26

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Iowa Department of Transportation;
Federal Highway Administration



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