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Using biomass as a sustainable, renewable energy source can be part of a solution for reducing dependence on fossil fuel–based energy and mitigating global warming, and both the production and use of biofuels made from biomass have increased. Biofuel production creates not only biofuel or ethanol, but also co-products containing lignin, modified lignin, and lignin derivatives. The use of these co-products to help stabilize pavement soils and other geo-materials has been studied over the past decades. However, most lignin-related soil stabilization studies have investigated sulfite lignins (lignosulfonates) derived from the paper industry, while the lignins obtained from biofuel or ethanol production are sulfur-free. The use of lignin-based BCPs in pavement geo-materials stabilization need to be investigated, as it is hypothesized that stronger geo-materials stabilization may be achieved and may reduce the amount of geo-materials needed to stabilize soils. Newer uses of biomass-derived lignin could also provide additional revenue streams for bio-based products and the bioenergy industry


Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB Project TR-582) Iowa Department of Transportation (InTrans Project 08-316)



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