Iowa State University Veterinarian

The Iowa State University Veterinarian was the official publication of the Iowa State University Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Publication began in 1938 as The Veterinary Student. In 1950 it was renamed The Iowa State College Veterinarian, and from 1959 until 2001, when publication ceased, it was known as The Iowa State University Veterinarian. The journal was the first veterinary student publication in the country covering research of the Veterinary Research Institute and of the Veterinary School departments, case reports from the Clinic, and student, faculty and alumni news. One hundred seventy-three issues in 63 volumes were published during its run.

Current Issue: Volume 63, Issue 1 (2001) SAVMA Symposium 2001


Bonnie E. Smith


A Whirlwind of Activity
Michael Costello


Spotlight on the IVMA
Jennifer Shackett


Electrocution in Swine Production Units
Kelly F. Greiner and Bernie Curran


Bonnie Smith
Assistant Editor
Suzanna Brown
Business Manager
Nicholas McClimons
Copy Writers
Sandy Anderson, Sarah Armstrong, Suzanna Brown, Michael Costello, Kelly F, Greiner, Barbaray Hippie, Brett Kirch, Jennifer Shackett, Bonnie Smith, Christian Taylor, Todd Williams
Typing & Proofreading
Suzanna Brown, Bonnie Smith, Jennifer Cree
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mark R. Ackermann