Iowa State University Veterinarian


W. D. Daugherty
Business Manager
Al Seeley
Faculty Adviser
Dr. George Fowler

The first issue of our student divisional publication is off the press. It is our distinction to have the only veterinary student publication of its kind in this country.

The growth, development and continuance of this magazine depends upon many factors—all of which are under our control. The success or failure of the Veterinary Student depends solely upon the policies and practices of its publishers-the students of this division.

Because of limited space, for this first issue due credit cannot be given to all whose efforts helped make it possible. To Dean Charles Murray and the rest of the staff goes much credit because of their whole-hearted cooperation. To Dr. Fowler, faculty adviser of the magazine, we owe much. Prof. Converse, head of Technical Journalism, and Mr. Holmes, superintendent of Collegiate Press, have been of inestimable assistance in inaugurating our staff into the mysteries of journalistic custom and technicalities.

The cooperation of the commercial houses whose advertisements appear in these pages has been excellent. These houses have supported our enterprise without question, as they have so many other projects undertaken by veterinary organizations. It has been this support which has made this publication financially possible. Their action indicates that they are truly working for the veterinary profession and that, in turn, the profession owes them its whole-hearted support.