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The article in this issue on the question of state medicine is one worthy of special mention. There are those who believe that any system of state veterinary medicine is far off in the future. And it is not doubted that the majority of veterinarians, like physicians, are opposed to state medicine on many different grounds and that many of their arguments against any such system are coldly logical.

The question as to how near in the future state medicine will become a real issue confronting the veterinary profession is entirely a speculative one. Some say that no present day practitioner will live to see that time. Others predict that it will come within a very short time.

Regardless whether state medicine is a good thing or a bad thing, whether it will come in the next few years or the next hundred, it will behoove the veterinary profession to give some thought to the matter. The evolution now going on in human medicine and the experiences of the American Medical Association in meeting this issue could well be watched closely. Veterinarians, by taking heed of what's happening now, will be much more able to solve the state medicine issue in a manner which will be satisfactory to both the practitioner and the live stock industry.