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Iowa State University Veterinarian Records, RS 22/6/0/9, University Archives, Special Collections Department, Iowa State University, http://www.add.lib.iastate.edu/spcl/arch/rgrp/22-6-0-9.html

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SF601 V65

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A Shorthorn cow, aged 2 years, was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic Nov. 7, 1947. The animal was depressed, emaciated, weak and in a very debilitated condition. Examination of the animal revealed the presence of a jagged wound over the anterior medial surface of the pastern area of the left hind leg. There was extreme swelling over the pastern, fetlock, and extending proximally up the leg. The cow was unable to bear any weight on the afflicted leg, and the area was very painful as evidenced by flinching upon palpation of the swelling.