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The Weimaraner

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The Weimaraner has been subjected to an intense publicity program in the last few years that has brought the breed to the attention of a considerable portion of the American public. That this program has been highly successful is evidenced by the widespread interest in the breed and the continued demand for comparatively high priced puppies. Two years ago Weimaraner show entries were a rarity and their appearance elicited much comment. Today show entries are approaching those of the more common hunting breeds and they are recognized by many people on sight. The enthusiasm of some writers in describing the prowess of the breed has been responsible for creating an exaggerated conception of their capabilities. It has also resulted in a considerable amount of confusion concerning the availability, membership in the Weimaraner Club, ownership, and in the mind of the amateur dog fancier, about their hunting ability and intelligence. Undoubtedly, small animal practitioners will be approached with questions concerning these problems, hence it is the purpose of this article to attempt to clarify these points.