Iowa State University Veterinarian

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A 10-month-old male Scotch Terrier was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic on Nov. 12, 1952. The history given revealed that in Arizona, about five weeks previously, the dog's appetite had failed and a cough was evidenced. The patient was taken to an Arizona veterinary hospital for examination and was retained there for one week. A diagnosis of "Desert Fever" with a swelling of a lymph node near the heart was made. Medication in Arizona consisted of aureomycin, terramycin and chloromycetin in unknown dosages. The dog was brought back to Iowa three weeks prior to admittance to Stange Memorial Clinic, and upon arrival here, the general condition was noted as poor. A temperature of 103.4°F., listlessness, poor appetite, weakness, constipation and a serous discharge from the eyes were recorded.