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A check on figures reveals that the credit hours in gross anatomy have been gradually reduced from 27 credit hours in 1930 to 15 credit hours in 1952. Histology, which was listed as 4 credits in 1930, has increased to 14 credits in 1952. These figures compare favorably with the credit hours offered in the various anatomy departments throughout the country today. Dr. Merchant (Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State College) and the Curriculum Committee made a rather thorough study a few years ago of the credit hours allocated to all the subjects in the four professional years in the various veterinary institutions. This figure is also within the 15 to 17 per cent clock-hours recommendation of the A.V.M.A. Council on Education as listed in the 1952 directory. However, we must admit we cannot hope to cover as completely the anatomy of the horse in one quarter when formerly two years were devoted to its study.