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On May 11, 1954, a 4-year old Hereford cow was admitted to the Stange Memorial Clinic with a history of having been bloated 3 to 4 days earlier. Although the cow had been punctured in the paralumbar fossa to relieve the bloat, she was bloated again at the time of entrance into the clinic. A stomach tube was passed to relieve the tympany. Magnesium sulfate and an antiferment were pumped into the rumen. On the following day 1/4 grain of eserine was injected subcutaneously. The stomach tube was passed daily for 3 days to relieve the recurring bloat but only small amounts of gas were obtained. On May 14, a great deal of the rumen ingesta was pumped out and the tympany was relieved. The animal was not eating well, although she was given gentian, ginger and nux vomica daily. Her appetite was slow in improving and she remained constipated.