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Congestive Heart Failure


Iowa State University Veterinarian Records, RS 22/6/0/9, University Archives, Special Collections Department, Iowa State University, http://www.add.lib.iastate.edu/spcl/arch/rgrp/22-6-0-9.html

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SF601 V65

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On February 11, 1957, a 14-year old male terrier was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic, with a history of an enlarged abdomen of 2 months duration. Examination revealed dyspnea, hydroperitoneum, depression, moist rales, and valvular insufficiency. Abdominal paracentesis was performed and 3 liters of fluid were removed. The dog was medioated orally with 1.5 grains of aminophylline and .05 mg. of Crystodigin daily. Two days later approximately 2.5 liters of fluid were again remove. Therapy was continued with steady improvement until the dog was discharged on February 19, 1957, with instructions for the owner to administer orally 1.5 grains of aminophylline and .05 mg. of Crystodigin daily for 10 days and then return the patient for a checkup. If fluid began to accumulate or any other signs of decompensation were noted the owner was instructed to return immediately.