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A. M. Orum
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G. R. Fowler
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J. W. Deaver, L. M. Forland, R. B. Price, D. C. Van Howeling, W. J. Kilpatrick
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Raymond Helvig
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M.W. Jones
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R.L. Stowe, W.H. Timms
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J.W. Carey
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A.L. Tietze, L.W. Feldman, J.W. Hylton
R.E. Kyner
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C.J. Mickelson, H.H. Hoyt, C.A. Mannasmith, L.E. Fisher, H.E. Jensen, M.R. Beemer

With this issue the old staff of The Veterinary Student says adieu, and the new staff takes over the reins. During the past year, as a result of splendid cooperation of everyone concerned, the publication has been able to increase the average size of its issues, put more illustrations into each issue and increase its subscription list by over one hundred per cent. The Veterinary Student wishes to thank all the students, advertisers, subscribers,faculty members, practitioners and research workers whose fine assistance has made this progress possible. This publication, under an able and enthusiastic new staff, should continue to grow with your continued cooperation.