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A 7 year-old male Beagle cross was presented to the Stange Memorial Clinic with the following symptoms: periodic inappetence, weakness and progressive loss of weight for the past 3% or 4 months. Enlargements in various areas of the body were noted (see figure 1) and the patient seemed to have some respiratory difficulty. A large mass could be palpated in the abdominal cavity. A blood determination was made and results found were as follows: Hb. 54% or 7.9Gm., R.B.C. 4,150,000, W.B.C. 15,000, eosinophils 300, stabs 2400, segments 10,700, monocytes 200, lymphocytes 2200, hematocrit 35mm., sed. rate 8 mm. in 1 hr.