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ON OCT. 15, 1940, a male Labrador Retriever, 21/2 years old, was presented at the Stange Memorial Clinic. The pulse was 90, respiration 30, temperature 99.7°, and the general condition of the dog was fair.The owner kept the dog in a kennel but exercised him daily. When he took the dog on a hunting trip to some of the alkali swamps in South Dakota, the dog was very active . and normal in every respect at the beginning of the hunt but soon left the owner and ran into the swamps. Upon his return about ten minutes later, the dog was weak and unsteady, and showed evidence of having been drinking from the shallow, stagnant, alkali pools in the vicinity, since muddy alkali material was noted about and in its mouth. The owner took the dog to the nearest farmhouse where it showed a ravenous desire for water, and voided dark muddy masses of vomitus. The dog was brought to the clinic three days later.