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The effects of a counter-irritant on stimulating hoof growth was tested on 6 mature horses. The counter-irritant, Irish Reducinet, was used in an effort to stimulate the growth rate of normal equine hoof tissue. As determined by measurements taken every thirty (30) days over a three (3) month period it is shown that a counter-irritant applied to the coronary band will stimulate the equine hoof growth rate. This research study was done to determine if there is any benefit to using a counter-irritant to increase hoof gtowth rate. An increase in the rate of hoof growth length would be valuable to the horse that has developed a quarter crack or lost a large portion of hoof wall due to over-reaching or forging. With accelerated growth rate the horse would be able to resume training or return to work at an earlier date than the non-treated horse with a simi liar condition.