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At 7 p.m. on the evening of July 14, 1987, Dr. Matt Smith (ISU '87) and Dr. Truman Mostrom (ISU '56) were summoned to the farm of Mr. Lloyd Pope ofrural Clear Lake, Iowa. Mr. Pope's 13-yearold shorthorn cow was experiencing difficulty in expelling her calf. Upon arrival, Dr. Mostrom examined the cow and instructed Dr. Smith to go in and pull the calf. The calf was extracted and, due to the small size, Dr. Mostrom anticipated another calf. Dr. Smith pulled the second calf. At this point, Mr. Pope jokingly suggested that Matt check to see if there were any more calves in the uterus. As Dr. Mostrom and Mr. Pope chuckled, Matt informed them he felt three more front limbs! To everyone's surprise, two more live calves were extracted.