Iowa State University Veterinarian

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Greetings! It is my great pleasure and privilege to be senior editor of this 50th anniversary edition of The ISU Veterinarian. You may have noticed that this volume has been titled The Veten·nary Student, the journal's original name when it was begun in 1938. We thought it would be fun, as well as interesting, for our readers if we pursued an historical point of view in this issue. The format ofthis issue reflects that desire. There are two anicies dealing with people who were active in 1938. One is a feature story on Dr. Leland West, a 1936 graduate of I.S.U. who made the acquaintance of one of the ISU Vet staffers at the AVMA convention in Chicago last summer. He agreed to talk about his life as a practitioner as well as what major changes he feels have taken place in veterinary medicine. That story is on pages 36 and 37. The second feature highlights the accomplishments of Dr. Margaret Wragg Sloss, the first woman to graduate from I.S.U .'s veterinary college in 1938. Her life is chronicled, beginning on page 61.