Iowa State University Veterinarian

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Twenty-one years as faculty adviser to the ISU Veterinarian? Some of the first year vet students aren't even that old! Mention this to Dr. Greve and he'll either claim to be a fossil or show you his dinosaur tie. Nevertheless, his service to the journal has been unsurpassed. Although the ISU Veterinarian is a student-run journal, Dr. Greve assists in many areas of its production, including the basic mechanics of publication. He helps prepare annual requests for GSB funding, and he is an excellent resource with respect to the journal's history. As a sounding board for new ideas, he can recall what's been done in the past and why those ideas failed or succeeded. In addition, he was very diligent in finding a new printer when the ISU Press closed its doors in 1986. Perhaps he is most useful when student editors can't seem to find "just the right word," for Dr. Greve, the master of medical terminology, suffers from a chronic obsession with words. If you think the word obsession may be too strong, ask him about the word "sparrowfart" (it's not what you think). He knows not only what the word means, but from where and how it originated. If your conception of an "Amazon Woman" is of one who's overly endowed, ask Dr. Greve for the real meaning of the word amazon. The story is quite interesting.