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Remembering Dean Pearson

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My first memories of Phil Pearson were from a cappella choir, Ames High School, in 1948 and '49. He had a cherubic face and first tenor voice to match. I remember him as a nice guy as heowas as short and immature as I was. Our paths parted as he graduated from Ames HigH a year after me, in 1950. I had thoughts about Veterinary School of the next four years but ended up cQmbining a potpourri of classes into a B.S. in Farm Operations. At that time in my life, grade point was not the first priority. After two years in the army and a year of attempting to repair a sagging grade point, I was accepted into Veterinary School (more maturity, Joan and 2 kids were changing my priorities). And to my surprise there was Phil Pearson, currently Dr. P. T. Pearson. He had not dawdled his college years, as had some of us.