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Iowa State University Veterinarian Records, RS 22/6/0/9, University Archives, Special Collections Department, Iowa State University, http://www.add.lib.iastate.edu/spcl/arch/rgrp/22-6-0-9.html

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I remember in undergraduate being strongly discouraged 'from entering the profession of veterinary medicine. I was told repeatedly that there were too many veterinarians and livestock numbers were declining so veterinarians would not be needed in a few years. I cannot count the number of times I was told, "there is no future in veterinary medicine, there is no money in it." My response was "I'm not doing it for the money, I'm doing it because it is what I WANT to do." I have always enjoyed caring for animals and since third grade I have set my goals in that direction. Besides, like everything in life, I knew the high number of veterinarians was just a trend. Likewise, I knew trends always cycle and the situation would change. I was not sure when this would come about. It might not be right away, but someday I knew I would see the opposite of what they were telling me. So I went ahead with my plans and with what I knew would make me happy.