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Pseudorabies, or Aujesky's Disease, is currently one of the biggest concerns of the livestock industry. The disease has been in the United States since the mid 1800's and its first report in literature was by Aujesky in 1902. Prevalence of the disease in swine has risen dramatically in the U.S. from less than 1% in 1974 to greater than 10% now. This dramatic increase in prevalence has caused the livestock industry to look closely at the disease and ways to eradicate it. Several pilot projects were initiated to assess the feasibility of eradication. Given this initial data, the Livestock Conservation Institute (LCI), National Pork Producer Council, state and federal authorities, and other organizations have developed a national pseudorabies eradication plan and the LCI has set the goal of achieving pseudorabies-free status of all states by the year 2000.