Iowa State University Veterinarian

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The annual meeting was held at the Marriott Hotel, Des Moines at noon on January 29, 1995. Forty-eight members attended. President Randy Wheeler, after making the introductions, turned the meeting over to Nolan Hartwig, Secretary/Treasurer. Hartwig remarked on the stability of the Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Alumni Association while citing changes that have taken place at Iowa State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine. He asked the membership to phone or write in suggestions regarding the ISUVMAA. Hartwig stated that the members review the treasurer's report. The membership gave a round of applause in thanks for John and Joan Kluge's work on the alumni room and Hartwig compared the Physical Plant bid with the actual cost of renovating the room. The board recommended continuing selling the Gentle Doctor pins and depositing the balance of the Alumni Room project fund in a special account for further acquisitions and maintenance for this room. The Treasurer's report was unanimously passed.