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A 2-year-old, neutered male domestic shorthair cat presented with a history of breathing difficulty for over a year. The cat was reported to be playful and would often display open mouth breathing after play. The owners also thought the cat did not hear very well. No coughing or nasal discharge had been noted and no other body system abnormalities were reported. This cat was found to be feline leukemia positive at 6 months of age. At the physical examination, the respiratory rate was 40/ minute. The breathing pattern indicated increased inspiratory and expiratory effort and was described as stertorous. Marked reduction in air flow through the nostrils was noted. The femoral arterial pulse was strong at lBO/minute, mucus membranes were pink with normal capillary refill time and no abnorlnal cardiac or pulmonary sounds were noted. Dark debris was observed in both external ear canals and a mass was seen in the left canal. Standard complete blood count and serum chemistries were normal. Three radiographs from the nasal and tympanic bulla series taken to further evaluate the upper airways and ears are given for your evaluation.