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Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (IDK) is an internationally recognized ocular disease of cattle. Also known as pinkeye, IRK p.as a significant economic impact on the cattle industry. The costs come as a result of decreased weight gain, milk discard, decreased show value and costs of therapy. The etiologic agent of IBK is a bacterial organism, Moraxella bovis. Moraxella bovis is a Gram. negative rod that is spread rapidly by direct contact and by insect vectors such as Musca domestica, Musca autumnalis, and Stomoxys calcitrans. Typical lesions include corneal ulceration with possible perforation, corneal opacity, conjunctival hyperemia and edema. Clinical signs can disappear at any 'stage but may persist in untreated individuals for 30 days or more. These factors and many more have 'made epidemiological, clinical, and pathological research of utmost veterinary importance. This article will highlight what is currently known about the etiology, treatment, and prevention of IBK.