Iowa State University Veterinarian

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In 1995, the College of Veterinary Medicine committed to build and operate a Distance Learning Classroom in the existing television production studio of Biomedical Communications, the college's media services unit. Its immediate function is to operate as an interactive video classroom connected to the Iowa Communications NetWork (ION), providing an electronic link with Iowa veterinarians in any of the ION system's 427 classrooms throughout the state. Additionally, the system is intended to provide iIiteractive links using lSD's satellite uplink system, and eventually via computer network-based digital communications systems. The Veterinary Medicine facility became operational in July of 1996 as lSD's fourth ICN classroom. Currently, this classroom is unique among ICN facilities in its ability to be converted back to video production studio, and conventional videotape production has been continued between ICN commitments. Its design reflects the special needs of medical and biological subject matter, and the next phase of its development will be to build and operate a mobile cart-based origination system.