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Adohr Milk Farms

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People from all over the world have visited the famous Adohr Milk Farms at 18000 Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Although it is a local organization serving only Southern California, it is known to dairymen throughout the world. The institution was founded in 1916 by Mr. and Mrs. Merritt H. Adamson with a herd of 50 Guernsey cows. It was a small dairy as compared to others in Los Angeles County, but from the start, quality was emphasized in the milk and dairy products produced. The organization, since that time, has established a remarkable dairy record and is now one of the foremost producer- distributors of fine milk. The idea of "quality first" is probably one of the principal factors which contributed to making Adohr the truly great institution that it is today.