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While on a preceptorship, the practitioner and I were called out to a finishing unit to investigate a possible electrocution of a dozen finisher swine. Electrocution of pigs is a relatively rare occurrence. When electrocution is suspected, it is important to look for diagnostic clues, not only during necropsy, but from the environment as well. We were called out to a six hundred head finisher. The practitioner was the third veterinarian to be called out to investigate the problem. The first two veterinarians were unsuccessful in reaching a definitive diagnosis. The animals in question were twelve crossbred finisher swine weighing approximately two hundred pounds, located in two different pens. The pigs presented with hind limb paralysis, ventral recumbency, and reluctance to rise. All twelve were bright, alert, and responsive and exhibited normal respiration. There were no dead animals in the two affected pens.