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A 2-year-old Shorthorn heifer was admitted to the clinic July 10, 1944, She had show'n a loss of appetite for a week previously. and, in addition, dyspnea, edema of the conjunctiva, and a slight cloudiness of the cornea. A clinical examination revealed a labored respiration (70 per minute), a pulse rate of 80, and a temperature of 104°F. Erythema and edema of the conjunctiva of the right eye was present; both eyes were discharging a muco-purulent exudate, A muco-purulent exudate was apparent at the nostrils, Further examination disclosed a pharyngitis. The inability to swallow was apparent from the profuse flow of saliva from the mouth, The edematous and erythematous vulva gave a muco-purulent discharge, The cow strained for short periods of time, passing liquid feces.