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A four-year- old female Togenberg goat was presented at the Stange Memorial Clinic, June 27, 1945, for observation and treatment. This goat was a heavy milk producer. Her ration consisted of grass, ground oats, and corn. At this time, ten days after parturition, a pronounced diminution of appetite and a slowing of rumination were apparent. An examination revealed a pulse of 120, normal temperature, abdominal breathing, and the animal remained in a drowsy state being unsteady on its legs. A sample of urine was collected. A test was made for acetone bodies by placing 5 cc. of urine and 1 gm. of sodium nitroprusside-ammonium sulfate mixture in a test tube and shaking until the solid material went into solution. To this was added 2 cc. of ammonium hydroxide solution. A deep purple color resulted indicating a marked presence of acetone bodies.