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Veterinarians have waited anxiously and patiently for the time when penicillin could be released for animal therapy. Practitioners and research men have had many conditions in mind which might be expected to respond to treatment with penicillin upon the basis of its known antibiotic activity. Foremost among these conditions was bovine mastitis. It has been fervently hoped that penicillin would be a valuable drug in the treatment of streptococcic and staphylococcic mastitis. Reports to date and the experience of many practitioners prove that we have not "hoped" entirely in vain. We know that a large proportion of streptococcic and stapylococcic mastitis can be cured by proper treatment with penicillin. We are also acutely aware of the fact that the optimum dosage and frequency for a given case of mastitis is not known as yet. A knowledge of the physiologic behavior of this antibiotic when introduced into the mammary gland is essential for a scientific application of the drug in therapy.