Iowa State Journal of Research



Action of Micro-organisms on Fats. I. The Significance of Color Changes in Dyes Used for the Detection of Microbial Action on Fat. C.H. Castell and L.R. Bryant pages 313-328

A Study of Cholesterilene. J.C. Eck and E.W. Hollingsworth pages 329-334

Notes on Typha angustifolia L. in Iowa. Ada Hayden pages 341-352

The Effect of Treated Fats on Vitamin A Potency. R.T. Harrelson, P. Mabel Nelson, Belle Lowe, H.C. Dyne, and V.E. Nelson pages 353-264

Thiamin Effects in Bacterial Metabolism. M. Silverman abd C.H. Werkman pages 365-368

Asymptotic Solution of a Boundary Value Problem. Erich Rothe pages 369-372

The Theory of Topological Order in Some Linear Topological Spaces. Erich Rothe pages 373-390

Index to Volume XIII pages 391-396