Iowa State Journal of Research



The Northern Copperhead in Iowa. Reeve M. Bailey pages 1-2

Age Classes of Winter Cover Used by the Eastern Bob-white, Colinus v. virginianus, in Southern Iowa. Maurice F. Baker pages 3-12

High-molecular-weight Aliphatic Amines and Their Derivatives. Wm. I. Harber pages 13-26

Biological Studies of Orinthocoris toledoi Pinto, the Brazillian Chicken Bedbug. B. Thomas Snipes, Jose C.M. Carvalho, and Oscar E. Tauber pages 27-38

The Oxidation of i-Inositol by the Action of Acetobacter suboxydans. J.W. Dunning, E.I. Fulmer, and L.A. Underkolfer pages 39-46

Abstracts of Doctoral Theses pages 47-110