Iowa State Journal of Research



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The Quantitative Spectroscopic Analysis of Soils. G.W. Fox and R.A. Goodwin pages 119-126

Effects of Dietary Modifications of Host Rats on the Tapeworm Hymenoiepis diminuta. Anne Hager pages 127-154

A Method for Estimating the Red Fox Population. Thos. G. Scott pages 155-160

The Effect of Aspect of Slope on Climatic Factors. J.M. Aikman pages 161-168

The Distribution of Iowa Toads. Reeve M. Bailey and Marian K. Bailey pages 169-178

The Variations in Galium triflorum and Galium boreale. Philip J. Leydendecker Jr. pages 179-182

Mollusks in the Vicinity of Ames, Iowa. David T. Jones pages 183-188

The Effect of Treated Fats on Vitamin A Potency. II. H.C.Dyme, P. Mabel Nelson, Belle Lowe, and V.E. Nelson pages 189-212

Note on the Degradation of Propionic Acid Synthesized by Propionibacterium. H.G. Wood, C.H. Werkman, Allan Hemingway, and A.O. nier pages 213-215