Iowa State Journal of Research



The Effect of Sodium Thiosulfate and Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite on Some Silks. Ruth L. Johnson, Minnie E. Lichte, and Rachel Edgar pages 411-420

The X2 Correction for Continuity. W.G. Cochran pages 421-436

Parasites of the American Coot (Fulica americana) in Central Iowa. Robert L. Roudabush pages 437-442

Nature of Eimeria nieschulzi-growth-promoting Potency of Feeding Stuffs. III. Pantothenic Acid. E.R. Becker and Lawrence Smith pages 443-450

Gluconic Acid Production by Acetobacter in the Absence of a Neutralizing Agent. N. Porges, T.F. Clark, and E.A. Gastrock pages 451-470

Description of Mimeae trib. nov. With Three Genera and Three Species and Two New Species of Neisseria from Conjunctivitis and Vaginitis. George G. De Bord pages 471-480

Anent the Origin of Sweet Corn. A.T. Erwin pages 481-486

Mosquito Light Trap Catches From Ten Iowa Cities, 1940. J.A. Rowe pages 487-518

Evaluation of Germicidal Properties of Sodium Hydroxide and Alkaline Washing Compounds. C.R. Arnold and Max Levine pages 519-538

Ticks Collected on the Tama (Iowa) Indian Reservation with Notes on Other Species. Gaines W. Eddy and Charles R. Joyce pages 539-543