Iowa State Journal of Research



Winifred F. Coover, The Man. Anson Hayes pages 231-236

Coover, The Teacher. Charles E. Friley pages 237-240

Professor W.F. Coover and the Division of Science. Harold V. Gaskill pages 241-242

The Organization of a College Chemistry Department. Raymond E. Kirk pages 243-246

Introduction. Julian Harrison Toulouse pages 247-248

Twenty-Five Years of Research on Fermentation Processes in Professor Coover's Department. Leo M. Christensen pages 249-254

New Developments in Insecticides. L.D. Goodhue pages 255-262

Chemistry at Work. Harold L. Maxwell pages 263-268

Forty Years of Progress in Food Chemistry. Lillian B. Storms pages 269-278

Synthetic Rubber. Joseph P. Nelson pages 279-288