Iowa State Journal of Research



Abstracts of Doctoral Theses. pages 1-52

Preliminary Studies on Starvation of First Instar European Corn Borer Larvae (Pyrausta nubilalis). Oscar E. Tauber and Willis N. Bruce pages 53-56

The Fishes of Cedar Lake, Iowa. Reeve M. Bailey and Harry M. Harrison Jr, pages 57-78

A Monograph of the Genus Corythaica Stal. Margaret Poor Hurd pages 79-100

Realtion of Vegetative Cover to the Plant Growth Conditions of Eroded Soils. Robert M. Warner pages 101-154

The Separation of Copper from Tin by Electrodeposition with Graded Cathode Potention Control. The Direct Determination of Copper in Bronze. Harvey Diehl and Richard Bronus pages 155-170