Iowa State Journal of Research



Plant science lecture series papers presented at "Plant breeding solutions for environmental stress problems in crop production" symposium, 1982

From the Editors. 337

Foy, C.D. Plant adaptation to mineral stress in problem soils. 339

Fehr, W.R. Modification of mineral nutrition in soybeans by plant breeding. 393

Tipton, C.L. and J. Thowsen. Reduction of iron by soybean roots: Correlation with iron efficiency on calcareous soils. 409

Sullivan, C.Y. Genetic Variability in physiological mechanisms of drought resistance. 423

Asay, K.H. and D.A. Johnson. Breeding for drought resistance in range grasses. 441

Stavarek, S.J. and D.W. Rains. Mechanisms for salinity tolerance in plants. 457