Iowa State Journal of Research



From the Editors. 173

Pattee, P.A., C.J. Schroeder, and M.L. Stahl. Erythromycin-sensitive mutations of transposon Tn551 in Staphylococcus aureus. 175

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Shipp, J.L. and W.A. Rowley. Electrophoretic studies of Culex pipiens, Culex restuans, and Culex salinarius (Diptera: Culcidae). 185

Pohl, R.W. New records of Mesoamerican grasses. 191

Hinz, P.N. and G.B. Pitman. Analyzing data on insect response to pheromones: From a field study of the western pine beetle. 195

Devey, M.E. and W.A. Russell. valuation of recurrent selection for stalk quality in a a maize cultivar and effects on other agronomic traits. 207

Arjmand, O. and R.H. Shaw. Irrigation potential on Iowa soils of low water-holding capacity as determined by computer simulation. 221

Foley, D.C. Mechanical properties of Zea mays stems. 235

George, J.R. and K.E. Hall. Herbage quality of three warm-season grasses with nitrogen fertilization. 247

Wray, P.H. and D.R. Prestemon Assessment of street trees in Iowa's small communities. 261

Book Review. 269