Iowa State Journal of Research



The Importance of Outdoor Plant Studies. B. Shimek pages 325-328

The Effect of Plant Cover on Soil and Water Losses. R.E. Uhland pages 329-336

Certain Aspects of the Role of Vegetation in Erosion Control. W.C. Lowdermilk pages 337-346

Mosses and Soil Erosion. H.S. Conrad pages 347-352

Challenge of Erosion to Botanists. H.L. Shantz pages 353-364

Natural Revegetation on Eroded Soils in Southern Ohio. J.A. Larsen pages 365-378

The relation of the Stages of Plant Succession to Soil Erosion. J.M. Aikman pages 379-390

Effect on Species of Grasses and Legumes Sown and Treatment Upon the Population of Meadows and Pastures. F.S. Wilkins pages 391-398

Measurement of Run-off as Influenced by Plant Cover Density. A.F. Dodge pages 399-410

Applied Botanical Research on Maize. R.E. Buchanan pages 411-412

Resistance and Susceptibility of Corn Strains to Second brood Chinch Bugs. J.R. Holbert, W.P. Flint, J.H. Bigger and G.H. Dungan pages 413-426

Loss Mutations in Maize. L.J. Stadler pages 427-428

The Effect of Inbreeding and of Selection Within Inbred Lines of Maize Upon the Hybrids Made After Successive Generations of Selfing. M.T. Jenkins pages 429-450

Some New Mutants in Maize. E.W. Lindstrom pages 451-460

The Translocation of Carbohydrates in Maize. W.E. Loomis pages 509-521

Leaf Area and Growth Rate of Corn Plants. Harold F. Eisele pages 521-526

Relation of Rate of Planning to the Effect of Corn Seed Treatment. Chas, S. Reddy pages 257-238

Genetic Investigations of Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Corn as Caused by Bacterium stwertii (Smith) Migula. E.J. Wellhausen pages 539-548

Chromosome Studies in Black Mexican Inbreds and Hybrids with Dent Types of Maize. L.M. Humphrey pages 549-558

The Future of Corn Prodcution. H.D. Hughes pages 559-560

Six Decades of Corn Improvement and the Future Outlook. Henry A. Wallace pages 561-566