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Wednesday, November 11th

Chemical-resistant Gloves: Views of the Users

Margaret Rucker, University of California, Davis
Kyle Davis, University of California, Davis
Lisa Blecker, University of California, Davis

Creating E-Textile Activities in a Textile Design Course to Engage Female Middle School Students in STEM Learning: An Undergraduate Design Experience

Lauri M. Apple, University of Arkansas
Kathleen R. Smith, University of Arkansas
Zola K. Moon, University of Arkansas
Glenda Revelle, University of Arkansas

Designing apparel for Nigerian women: addressing visual appeal, body type and sizing.

Oluwatosin Adelaja, Washington State University
Carol J. Salusso, Washington State University

Designing Formalwear for Female Teenagers with Dress Codes: A Co-creative Approach

Kendra Lapolla, Kent State University

Development of a 3D Neck Model for Chinese Male Professionals

Shanshan Wang, Jiangnan University
Yingjiao Xu, North Carolina State University
Hongbo Wang, Jiangnan University

Development of Half Scale Dress Forms in Active Body Positions for Bicycle Clothing Design and Fit

Arzu Vuruskan, Izmir University of Economics
Susan Ashdown, Cornell University

Dressing Dolls: Utilizing Lectra in the Product Development Lifecycle of a Specific Target Market

Kathleen R. Smith, University of Arkansas

Exploration of Transformable Garment Design Strategies on Dresses for Sustainability

Helen Koo, University of California, Davis
Yoon Jin Ma, Illinois State University

Fluency in making alternative ideas is the heart of design process

Jung Soo Lee, Hong-ik University
Charolotte Jirousek, Cornell University

Gracefall: Codesigning a Fall-Protective Winter Coat Technology for Elderly Women

Kristin Rogers, Colorado State University
Peter Jans, Colorado State University
Caitlin MacLaughlin, Colorado State University
Lauren Ivy, Colorado State University
Juyeon Park, Colorado State University

In Practice: Perceptions of User Involvement in the Activewear Industry

Kristen Morris, University of Missouri
Susan Ashdown, Cornell University

Investigation of Therapy Clothing Products for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Texas Tech University
Brianna Smith, Texas Tech University
Kristi Gaines, Texas Tech University

Mapping the Clothing Taskscape to Assess User's Needs

Sandra Tullio-Pow, Ryerson University
Megan Strickfaden, University of Alberta

Niche Design: Integrating A Curriculum Progression Specializing in Children's Wear

Sheri L. Dragoo, Texas Woman's University

Preferences of Co-Designed Cultural Textile Products from Guatemala and Peru

Carol Engel-Enright, Colorado State University
Carole Makela, Colorado State University
Nancy Miller, Colorado State University

Protection against Hip Fracture: Clothing behaviors and Home Conditions of the Elderly

Mercan Haddad Derafshi, Oklahoma State University
Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Oklahoma State University

Selection Criteria for Scuba Diver's Wetsuit

Dong-Eun Kim, Ewha Woman's University
Dawn Michaelson, Auburn University
Young Ha, California State University, Long Beach

Special Apparel Needs of Consumers with Visual Impairments

Hyo Jung Chang, Texas Tech University
So Young Lee, Konkuk University

Yarn Design Characteristics Which Influence Crafters

Casey R. Stannard, Louisiana State University
Kathy K. Mullet, Oregon State University

Thursday, November 12th

An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Optical Illusion Garments on Women's Self-Perceptions

Jessica Ridgway, Northern Illinois University
Jeannie Parsons, University of Missouri
MyungHee Sohn, California State University, Long Beach

Apparel Needs and Expectations Model: A New Paradigm of the Apparel Product Development Process

Laurel Romeo, Louisiana State University
Young-A Lee, Iowa State University

Strategic Illusions: Collaborative teaching project

Lynn M. Boorady, SUNY-Buffalo State
Elaine Polvinen, SUNY-Buffalo State
Denise Needham, SUNY-Buffalo State

Too new or too complex? Why consumer's aesthetic sensitivity matters in product evaluation

Christin Seifert, Auburn University
Veena Chattaraman, Auburn University