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Wednesday, November 11th

A Service-Learning Project with a Local Apparel Business Integrated into Trend Analysis and Forecasting Class

Eundeok Kim, Florida State University

Analysis and Critical Thinking Skills: A Line-for-Line Copy Draping Project

S. Diane Barnard, Auburn University

Assessment of Textile and Apparel Curriculum in Mongolia from the Academia and Industry Perspectives

Jaeil Lee, Seattle Pacific University
Eunjoo Cho, University of Arkansas
Eunjung Kim, Mongolia International University

Authentic Assessment for Basic Clothing Construction: The Practical Final Exam

Janet A. Blood, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Terri D. Owens, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Case Study: Assessing Student Learning in an Online Apparel Patternmaking Course

Erin M. Monfort-Nelson, Iowa State University
Ellen McKinney, Iowa State University

Collaborative Instructor Team Approaches on a Market Positioning Project for a Non- Profit SME Retailer: Understanding from the Social Capital Theory

Jihyun Kim, Kent State University
Marjorie Wachowiak, Kent State University

Color-coding rubrics for increased effectiveness

Sherry Schofield, Florida State University

Design Identity Formation and Self-Reflection Strategies in the Development of Students' Design ePortfolio

Christin Seifert, Auburn University
Veena Chattaraman, Auburn University

Development of Schematic Tool for Use in a Senior Capstone Course

Jennifer Jorgensen, University of Nebraska
Rita Kean, University of Nebraska

Does an Online Professional Master's Program Meet Student Expectations?

Linda Manikowske, North Dakota State University
Nancy Lyons, South Dakota State University
Melody LeHew, Kansas State University
Shubhapriya Bennur, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Effects of Training on Student Creativity: A Comparison of Different Assessments

Anna Perry, Colorado State University
Elena Karpova, Iowa State University

Exploring Naive Spatial Understanding in Patternmaking

Kristen Morris, University of Missouri
Susan Ashdown, Cornell Uiversity
Charlotte Coffman, Cornell University
Fran Kozen, Cornell University
Katherine Dao, Cornell University
Denise Green, Cornell University
Lucy Dunne, University of Minnesota
Jordyn Reich, University of Minnesota

Exploring Theatrical Costume Design in Fashion: an Interdisciplinary Production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Seunghye Cho, Framingham State University

Importance of Exploratory Writing in Critical Thinking and Learning

JuYoung Lee, Mississippi State University
Jihyeong Son, Washington State University

Incorporating multimodal projects for enhancing Millennial learning

Olivia Johnson, Auburn University
Veena Chattaraman, Auburn University

Information literacy for design and merchandising students: Exploring the process with information specialists

Deborah Christiansen, Indiana University
Mary Embry, Indiana University
Jon Racek, Indiana University

Making Connections: Linking Course Concepts with Industry Practices Through Pinterest

Michelle L. Childs, University of Tennessee
Jennifer Yurchisin, University of Minnesota

One thousand two hundred sixty motifs: getting students to draw when they think they can't draw

Anne Porterfield, North Carolina State University

Pilot Study of Examining the Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning (CL) vs. Individualistic Learning (IL) in Fashion Illustration Class

Ling Zhang, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Preparing Our Students for the Multichannel Retailing World

Sarah Song Southworth, University of Missouri

Problem Based Learning: Jeanswear Design for Rare Disease Day

Seoha Min, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Jennifer Yurchisin, University of Minnesota

Promoting Experiential Learning and Community Engagement through a Student Pop-up Shop

Ashli Ree, Middlesex Community College

Service Learning for University Students: Convergence of Fashion Coursework and Community Service to Develop Leadership and Management Skills Through the Planet Style Project

Anna A. Magie, Texas Woman's University
Deborah D. Young, Texas Woman's University

Service-Learning in Design, Creating Meaningful Community-Engagement in the Studio

Kristin A. Caskey, Virginia Commonwealth University

She Didn't Teach. We Had to Learn it Ourselves: Flipping the Apparel Classroom With and Without Technology

Ashley Hasty, Indiana University

Sketching as a Tool to Measure Concept Application in an Informal Learning Environment

Kristen Morris, University of Missouri
Charlotte Coffman, Cornell University
Fran Kozen, Cornell University
Katherine Dao, Cornell University
Denise Green, Cornell University
Susan Ashdown, Cornell University
Lucy Dunne, University of Minnesota
Jordyn Reich, University of Minnesota

Student Attitudes toward Educational Approaches and Assessment Techniques: A Retail Merchandising Course Outcomes Assessment

Amrut Sadachar, Auburn University
Sara Jablon, Iowa State University
Linda Niehm, Iowa State University
Jessica Hurst, Iowa State University

Student, faculty, and industry perceptions of the development and use of Massive Open Online Courses in clothing and textiles education: Continuing studies

Genna Reeves-DeArmond, Kansas State University
Jennifer Mower, Centraql Michigan University
Keith Nishida, Woodbury University

Utilizing Reflective Writing and Design Theory to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Casey R. Stannard, Louisiana State University
Lindsay Danielle Reaves, Louisiana State University

Utilizing University-based Enterprise to Foster Industry-Academia Collaboration in the Field of Product Development

Mun-young Kim, Keimyung University
Hyun-jin Cho, Keimyung University
Eunah Yoh, Keimyung University

Virtual Prototyping for Planning from Product Design to Retail Store Visualizations and Simulations

Ju-Young M. Kang, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Visual Reflections for Visual Merchandising

Ashley Hasty, Indiana University

What do students really learn from a fashion show? A theoretical approach to a project-based learning activity

Charles Freeman, Mississippi State University
Phyllis Bell Miller, Mississippi State University
Caroline Kobia, Mississippi State University
Juyoung Lee, Mississippi State University

Thursday, November 12th

Apparel and Textiles Education: A Case for Rural-Urban Interface

Alyssa Adomaitis, CUNY College of Technology
Diana Saiki, Ball State University

Criteria Decision Matrix Applied to Pedagogy: A Pilot Study for Fashion Art Studio

Adriana Gorea, University of Delaware
Katya Roelse, University of Delaware

Global Competence and Sustainability in the Apparel and Textile curriculum

Kim Hahn, Kent State University
Yoon Jin Ma, Illinois State University
Qiong Tao, Kent State University

Student and faculty perceptions of online clothing and textile courses

Genna Reeves-DeArmond, Kansas State University
Jennifer Mower, Centraql Michigan University
Keith Nishida, Woodbury University

Friday, November 13th

Developing Soft Skills through Multi-Disciplinary Cooperative and Situated Learning

Siwon Cho, Southern Illinois University
Laura Morthland, Southern Illinois University
Laura K. Kidd, Southern Illinois University
Shelby Adkinson, Southern Illinois University

FUNctional Design: Exploring Design for Disability in a Childrenswear Course

Martha L. Hall, University of Delaware
Michele A. Logo, University of Delaware

Reading is Cool: The Benefits of Organizing a Student Reading Group

Ashley Hasty, Indiana University

Redesigning Medical Uniforms in a Junior Level Collaborative Studio

Injoo Kim, University of Cincinnati
Brooke Brandewie, University of Cincinnati