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Wednesday, November 11th

A Practicability of Utilizing 3D Systems for Virtual Fitting Process in the Apparel Industry

Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Texas Tech University

Exploration of Knowledge Creation Processes and Work Environments in the Wearable Technology Industry

Deepika Raj, University of Missouri
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

How to Succeed? An Analysis of the Impact of Women Founder's Personality Traits on Chinese Apparel New Venture Success

Li Zhao, University of Missouri
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

Job Responsibilities of Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Managers: From Mentzer’s Key Drivers of Competitive Advantage Perspective

Tahmidul Islam Molla, University of Missouri
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

PLM systems for the apparel industry: Current status according to the literature

Kyung Eun Lee, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Predicting Total Assembling Time for Different Apparel Products Utilizing Learning Curve and Time Study Approaches: A Comparative Case Study

Imranul Islam, Kansas State University
Mohammad Faizur Rahman, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
Melody L.A. LeHew, Kansas State University

Reshoring Apparel Manufacturing in the United States? Perspectives from Branded Manufacturers and Marketers (BM&M)

Sheng Lu, University of Delaware

Spreadsheets to Dye for: Using Excel to Teach and Facilitate the Fiber-Reactive Dyeing Process

Phyllis Bell Miller, Mississippi State University

Symbolic Ingredient Branding to Promote Premier Locally Produced Material in Global Consumer Market: A Case of American Wild Alligator Leather

Chuanlin Liu, Louisiana State University
Langchao Zhang, Louisiana State University
Lisa Barona McRoberts, Louisiana State Universty

The 3D Printing Era: A Conceptual Model for the Textile and Apparel Industry

Lushan Sun, University of Missouri
Sheng Lu, University of Delaware

The State of Denim project

Kate Annett-Hitchcock, North Carolina State University
Andre West, North Carolina State University
Cynthia Istook, North Carolina State University