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Wednesday, November 11th

Comparison of Stain Resistance Property for Nurse’s Scrub Jacket

Heajoo Lee, Central Michigan University
Su Kyoung An, Central Michigan University

Production and characterization of bacterial cellulose fabrics

Devon Wood, Washington State University
Hang Liu, Washington State University
Carol J. Salusso, Washington State University

Testing Chinese Ink as a Natural Dyestuff on Silk and Cotton Fabrics: The Foundation for a Collection of Wearable Art

Ling Zhang, Iowa State University
Chunhui Xiang, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Understanding Design Preferences and Expectations on Wearable Monitoring Systems for Diabetes

Helen Koo, University of California, Davis
Dawn Michaelson, Auburn University
Karla Teel, Auburn University
Dong-Joo Kim, Auburn University

Thursday, November 12th

Assessing antibacterial property, UV protection, and thermal comfort of nanosilver treated cotton and polyester knit fabrics for sportswear

Rui Li, Iowa State University
Jie Yang, Tsinghua University
Chunhui Xiang, Iowa State University

Evaluation of a Modular Layering Approach for Heat Loss Improvement in Structural Firefighter Turnout Garments

Meredith McQuerry, North Carolina State University
Emiel DenHartog, North Carolina State University
Roger Barker, North Carolina State University

Sensing Lower Body Lifting Posture through Disposable Sensing Coveralls

Cheol-Hong Min, Minnesota State University
Crystal Compton, University of Minnesota
Lucy E. Dunne, University of Minnesota

The impacts of inverted pleats on fabric drapability

Elham Maqsood, King Abdul Aziz University
Hsiou-Lien Chen, Oregon State University