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Tuesday, November 8th

A Case Study of the 3D Design Process Applied for Customized Art Wears

Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Texas Tech University
Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang, Texas Tech University
Sang-Mi Yoo, Texas Tech University

Apparel Design Typicality and Aesthetic Response: Moderating Role of Apparel Categories

Dawn Michaelson, Auburn University
Neha Arya, Auburn University
Veena Chattaraman, Auburn University

Consumers' Acceptance of Sustainable Apparel Products Made of Bacterial Cellulose Materials

Young-A Lee, Iowa State University
Rui Li, Iowa State University
Changhyun Nam, Iowa State University

DIY Consumers and Wearable Electronics: What Factors Affect Technology Adoption?

Kristi E. Rogers, Colorado State University
Juyeon Park, Colorado State University

Exploration of Communication Processes Related to Pre-Production for Apparel Companies

Christine Kastanos, San Francisco State University
Kelly L. Reddy-Best, Iowa State University

Exploring Sustainability and Classic Design through Students' Aesthetic Responses

Mary Alice Casto, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Marilyn R. DeLong, University of Minnesota

FEA Consumer Needs Model: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Belinda T. Orzada, University of Delaware
M. Jo Kallal, University of Delaware

Inclusive Apparel Design for Baby Boomer Women

Sandra Starkey, University of Nebraska
Jean Parsons, University of Missouri

Perceived Apparel Fit Issues of High School Adolescents: Comparison of Fit Differences between Athletes and Non-Athletes Using 3D Body Scan Technology

Stephanie K. Hubert, University of Arkansas
Laurie M. Apple, University of Arkansas
Kathleen R. Smith, University of Arkansas

Self-Perceptions of Plus-Size Consumers and the Effect on Fashion and Fit Preferences

Skyla Staton, NC State University
Cynthia Istook, NC State University

Unlocking Embodied knowledge for Better Design: An Introduction to Co-generative Mapping

Kirsten Schaefer, Ryerson University
Chad Story, York University
Samantha Abel, York University
Sandra Tullio-Pow, Ryerson University
Ben Barry, Ryerson University

Wearing Well-being: Using Context Mapping toward the Development of Garment Therapy for Elderly Populations

Kendra Lapolla, Kent State University
Kelly Cobb, University of Delaware

Wednesday, November 9th

Building a Digital Textile Portfolio: A Proposed Taxonomy

Katie Thompson, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Changes in the Outdoor Wear Market: Focused on the South Korean Market

Ye-Jin In, Hanyang University
HyunJu Shin, Hanyang University
Hyun-Jin Seo, Hanyang University
Hyun-Jung Lee, Hanyang University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University

Development of Wearable Tracking Systems: Preferences in Tracking Dimensions

Helen Koo, University of California, Davis
Kris Fallon, University of California, Davis

Effect of Bra Style and Size on its Fit and Comfort

Abbey Peterson, North Carolina State University
Minyoung Suh, North Carolina State University

Exploring Effectiveness of Programs and Tools for 3D Printing Wearable Product

Lushan Sun, Auburn University
Jean Parsons, University of Missouri

Information-seeking and Personal Capital in Novice Learners' Creative Design Approach

Hanan Bukhari, King Abdulaziz University
Kelly Weathers, Western Michigan University
Barbara Frazier, Western Michigan University

Is Copying Acceptable in Product Development? What to Tell our Students?

Peggy P. Quesenberry, Virginia Tech
Doris H. Kincade, Virginia Tech

Partnering with a University Garden for a Non-traditional Materials Fashion Design Assignment: Collaboration, Creativity, and Community Engagement

Ellen Carol McKinney, Iowa State University

Potential of Extending Lifespan of Prom Dresses

Yoon Jin Ma, Illinois State University
Helen Koo, University of California, Davis

Protective Coverall Design Development and Testing

Linsey A. Griffin, University of Minnesota
Theresa Lastovich, Iowa State University
Elizabeth Bye, University of Minnesota
Karen LaBat, University of Minnesota

Retold: African Fables Conceptualized into Fashion Artwork

Tameka Nicole Ellington, Kent State University