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Tuesday, November 8th

A Critical Lens on Drawing the Body: Intersections of Gender, Race, and Size in Fashion Illustration Textbooks

kelly L. Reddy-best, Iowa State University
Nika Gagliardi, San Francisco State University

African American Mothers' Socialization of Daughters' Dress

LaPorchia Chantell Davis, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Mary Lynn Damhorst, Iowa State University

From Food Trucks to Fashion Trucks: An Exploration of the Fashion Truck Phenomenon through the Eyes of the Entrepreneur

Delisia R. Matthews, North Carolina State University
Tiffany Machado Blanchflower, East Carolina University
Michelle L. Childs, University of Tennessee

NFL Fanatics Communication of Identity through Apparel and Merchandise: A Gender Comparison

Amy Shane-Nichols, Iowa State University
Diane McCrohan, Iowa State University
Te-Lin Chung, Iowa State University

Scottish Kiltmaking: Knowledge and Practice Pilot Study

David Loranger, Philadelphia University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Self-Construals, Types of Social Media Usage, and Consumer Decision-Making Styles -- A Study of Young Asian Americans

Qiong (Sarah) Tao, Kent State University
Kim Hahn, Kent State University

"The Stories that Come With the Shoe": A Qualitative Study of Male Sneaker Collector Motivations, Experiences, and Identities

Arienne McCracken, Iowa State University
Huanjiao Dong, Iowa State University
Catherine Murphy, Iowa State University
Mason Hoyt, Iowa State University
Linda Niehm, Iowa State University

Wednesday, November 9th

A Case of Interdisciplinary Course Project: Costuming in Historically based Film

Megan Elizabeth Bright, Ball State University
Jinhee Nam, Ball State University

Be Our Brand!: Emotional Labor and Social Media Branding Positions

Hannah R. Gnegy, West Virginia University

Exploring Role Power within Bridal Gown Selection Process

Seoha Min, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Lina Ceballos, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Jennifer Yurchisin, University of Minnesota

"I Just Thought It Looked Cool": Cultural Appropriation by Music Festival Attendees

Lorynn Divita, Baylor University

Lea(r) in: Feminism in the Fashion Classroom

Katie Baker Jones, West Virginia University
Laura E. McAndrews, University of Georgia

Plus Is Equal?: Analysis of the Negative Social Media Commentary of Lane Bryant's Campaign

Jennifer Harmon, University of Wyoming
Kelly Reddy Best, Iowa State University

The Designer/Embroiderer Relationship: A Comparison between Europe and India

Theresa Christine Alexander, University of the Incarnate Word