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Tuesday, November 8th

Brand Loyalty through Love for Brand Facebook Page: Roles of Opinion Leadership and Opinion Seeking

Jinhee Han, Auburn University
Wi-suk Kwon, Auburn University

Branding Absolute Luxury: Influence of Cues, Consumer Involvement and Knowledge on Price

Gargi Bhaduri, Kent State University
Nancy Stanforth, Kent State University

Cobranding with Pinterest: Expediting Apparel Retail Brand Experience

Dee K. Knight, University of North Texas
HaeJung Maria Kim, University of North Texas
Lauren Vasquez, University of North Texas

Consumers in an Online Brand Community: Uses and Gratifications, Social Capital, and Brand Loyalty

Jihyeong Son, Washington State University
Mary Lynn Damhorst, Iowa State University

Green Apparel Advertising: Does It Need to Move toward a Product-led Approach?

So Young Song, University of Tennessee
Youn-Kyung Kim, University of Tennessee

Human-Elaboration-Object-Construal Contingency Framework for Mobile Decision-Aids (MoDA©) in In-Store Shopping

Veena Chattaraman, Auburn University
Wi-Suk Kwon, Auburn University
Juan E. Gilbert, University of Florida
Wanda Eugene, University of Florida

S-WOM in WeChat and KakaoTalk: Impacts of E-S-QUAL in Mobile Social Platforms

HaeJung Maria Kim, University of North Texas
Kiseol Yang, University of North Texas
Kyong-Hwa Yi, Catholic University of Korea

The Effects of Visual Complexity in a Fashion Store Environment on Consumer Emotions and Approach Behavior

Ju Yeun Jang, Seoul National University
So-Yeon Yoon, Cornell University
Eunsoo Baek, Seoul National University
Ho Jung Choo, Seoul National University

The Impact of Regulatory Focus and Temporal Distance on Evaluation of Online Consumer Reviews

Seeun Kim, University of Tennessee
Youn-Kyung Kim, University of Tennessee

The Role of Need for Cognition in Consumers' Mental Imagery: A Study of Visual Social Media of Fashion Brands

Ran Huang, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Sejin Ha, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

User Experience in Fashion Brand Pages in Social Networking Sites: Values and Affective Experience of Information Interaction

Jee-Sun Park, Incheon National University
Sejin Ha, University of Tennessee

Wednesday, November 9th

A Grounded Analysis of Collaborative Consumption among Apparel Consumers: Identification of Motivations for Engagement

Sivasankari Gopalakrishnan, North Carolina State University, USA
Delisia R. Matthews, North Carolina State University, USA
Marguerite Moore, North Carolina State University, USA

A Longitudinal Analysis of E-Service Attributes Available on Apparel E-Retailing Sites

Jung-Hwan Kim, University of South Carolina
Minjeong Kim, Indiana University
Sharron J. Lennon, Indiana Univeristy

Assessing the Challenges and Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Vietnamese Apparel Retail Market

Jong Geun Lee, Auburn University
Niehm Linda, Iowa State University

Content Analysis of M-Commerce: A Comparison of Apparel and Non-apparel Sites

Minjeong Kim, Indiana University
Jung-Hwan Kim, University of South Carolina

Effect of Technological Atmosphere of Fashion Store on Online Behavior Intention: Focusing on AIDMSAS Model

Ha Youn Kim, Seoul National University
Sun Young Cha, Seoul National University
Yeo Jin Jung, Seoul National University
Tae Yeon Kim, Seoul National University
Yuri Lee, Seoul National University

Ethical Attitudes toward Buying and Selling Counterfeits: Beneficial Lies, Belief in Fairness, and Non-monetary Values

Kwangho Jung, Seoul National University, Korea
Seung-Hee Lee, Southern Illinois University
Jane Workman, Southern Illinois University
Jong-Hwan Eun, Seoul National University, Korea

How Do Consumers Evaluate the Identical Product on Competing Online Retailers? A Big Data Analysis Approach Using Consumer Reviews

Ji Hye Kang, Kansas State University
Sungha Jang, Kansas State University

Perceived Diagnosticity of Virtual Try-on Technologies and Attitudes toward the Product: A Case for Male Consumers

Changhyun Nam, Iowa State University
Fatma Baytar, Iowa State University
Young Do Kim, University of Nebraska Kearney

Scarcity Effects on Consumers' Affective, Cognitive, and Conative Responses: Moderating Role of Shopping Orientation

Wi-Suk Kwon, Auburn University
Sang-Eun Byun, Auburn University
Jeffrey Katz, Auburn University
Gopikrishna Deshpande, Auburn University
Sandra Forsythe, Auburn University

Small Retail Businesses' Varied Perceptions of Market Competition

Sang-Eun Byun, Auburn University
Whitney Ginder, Auburn University
Hyejeong Kim, California State University, Long Beach
Siyuan Han, Auburn University
Carol Centrallo, Auburn University

The Effects of Brand Familiarity on Perceived Risk, Attitude, and Purchase Intentions toward an Intimate Apparel Brand

Jennifer Rose, University of Arkansas
Eunjoo Cho, University of Arkansas
Kathleen R. Smith, University of Arkansas

Understanding Students' Perceived Benefits of International Multicourse Collaborative Projects

Hyejeong Kim, California State University, Long Beach
Sang-Eun Byun, Auburn University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University
Sunhyung Choi, The Catholic University of Korea