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Tuesday, November 8th

A Master's Degree in Fashion Merchandising: A Valuable Investment?

Kelly Capron, University of Rhode Island
Sheng Lu, University of Delaware

Benefits for Both: Connecting Textile and Clothing Collections with Theater and Costume Makers

Sara Jablon, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Crossing the Gendered Divide: Male Students' Choice of Non-Traditional College Major

Elena E. Karpova, Iowa State University
Juyoung Lee, Mississippi State University
Ashley Garrin, Iowa State University

Design Scholarship: What is it and How Does it Count (for Tenure)?

Kristen Morris, University of Missouri
Jean Parsons, University of Missouri

Developing Interdisciplinary Partnerships Based on Cognitive Learning Styles

Cathryn M. Studak, University of the Incarnate Word
Diana L. Allison, University of the Incarnate Word

Fashion Image: Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Approach to Portfolio Presentation

Young Kim, Kent State University

Re-Birth Product Development for Sustainable Apparel Design Practice in a Design Studio Class

Yoon Kyung Lee, Seoul National University
Marilyn DeLong, University of Minnesota

Who Are Social Entrepreneurs? Connecting the Stories of Women in the Global Textile and Apparel Industry

Amanda J. Muhammad, Bowling Green State university
Lombuso S. Khoza, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Caroline Kobia, Mississippi State University
Minjeong Kim, Indiana University
Jaeil Lee, Seattle Pacific University

Wednesday, November 9th

Am I Ready for the Global Apparel Industry?: Student Perspectives on Employability after a Multinational Virtual Collaboration Project

Bertha Jacobs, University of Pretoria
Elena Karpova, Iowa State University
Arnold Andrew, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Coauthorship in Clothing and Textiles Research

Seung-Eun Lee, Central Michigan University
Jaeil Lee, Seattle Pacific University

Disruptive Potential of 3D Printing for Clothing and Textile Sector

Deepika Raj Ms, University of Missouri-Columbia
Kristen Morris Ms, University of Missouri

Envisioning Career Opportunities in the Fashion Business World

Keunyoung Oh, SUNY Buffalo State
Yun-Jung Choi, SUNY Oneonta

Impact through State-wide Collaboration, "Mississippi Cotton: Weaving Futures 2015"

Juyoung Lee, Mississippi State Universeity
Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, University of Southern Mississippi
Brigitte Burgess, University of Southern Mississippi
Jan Haynes, Delta State University

Regional Fashion Weeks: Runway Showcases for Student Entrepreneurs

Whitney M. Rorah, Iowa State University
Katie Thompson, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

The Potential of Virtual Reality in the Apparel Industry

Minjung Park, University of Minnesota
Hyunjoo Im, University of Minnesota

The Relationship between Supervisor's Leadership Skills and Student Learning through Internship Experiences

Deepika Raj Ms, University of Missouri-Columbia
Jung Ha-Brookshire Ms, University of Missouri-Columbia

The Role of the Cultural Expert in a Skills Training Program for Refugees: A Case Study of the Sew You Know Program


Work Environment and Personal-Organizational Fit What are Those? : Preparing Students to Find Their Most Suited Employers

Saheli Goswami, University of Missouri
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri