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Tuesday, November 8th

Advocacy through Appearance: An Exploration of Professional Identity, Self-Sufficiency, and the Clothing-Related Non-Profit

Tara J. Konya, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Nancy J. Hodges, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Appearance and the Transition to Motherhood: An Exploration of Identity Construction among New Mothers

Victoria Brown, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Nancy Hodges, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Depicting Thin, Average, and Plus Size Models in Fashion Advertisements: Exploring Social Comparisons, Body Image Satisfaction, Purchase Intentions, and Memory

Jessica Ridgway, Florida State University

Dress, Body, and Experiences of Victimization

Andrew Reilly, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Kim Johnson, University of Minnesota

Enclothed Cognition: Professional Clothing Symbolism among Plus-Size Women Ages 18 to 24

Hannah R. Gnegy, West Virginia University
Deborah A. Christel, Washington State University

Exploring the Effect of Body Appreciation on the Relationship between Social Networking Site Usage and Body Dissatisfaction

Jennifer Yurchisin, University of Minnesota
Alyssa Dana Adomaitis, New York City College of Technology
Kim K. P. Johnson, University of Minnesota
Haesung Whang, University of Minnesota

"I Want to Be Beautiful and Rich:" Consumer Culture Ideals Internalization and their Influence on Fashion Consumption

Srikant Manchiraju, Florida State University
Mary Lynn Damhorst, Iowa State University

Impeding Counterfeiting of Luxury Products in India

Anushree Shah, Indiana University
Li Zhao, Indiana University

Sexualization of Halloween Costumed Women

Sharon J. Lennon, Indiana University
Aziz Fatnassi, Indiana University
Zhiying Zheng, Donghua University

The Impact of Student Outfit Choice on Class Participation

Emily Law, North Carolina State University
Cynthia Istook, North Carolina State University

The Modification of Muslim Women's Hijab to Meet Modern Life Styles in a Western Society

Elham Nour Maqsood, King Abdul Aziz University, Oregon State University
Brigitte Gaal Cluver, Oregon State University
Hsiou-Lien Chen, Oregon State University

"Triggering" Clothes?: Fashion and the Pro-Anorexia Community.

Dr. Jennifer Harmon, University of Wyoming
Dr. Nancy Ann Rudd, Ohio State University

Wednesday, November 9th

Creating a Tanned Body with or without a U.V Risk and its Implication to Behavioral Alternatives and Body Stigmatization

Jeong-Ju (Jay) Yoo, Baylor University

Exploring the Relationship between Self-esteem and Wearing Plus-size Apparel

Laurel D. Romeo, Louisiana State University
Delisia R. Matthews, North Carolina State University

No Longer in Vogue? The Exploration of Motivations Underlying Millennials' Information Seeking Through Digital Fashion Media

Aimee Jones, Texas State University
Jiyun Kang, Texas State University

Propensity to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery and Risky Body Modification among Indoor Tanning Bed Users: An Illustration from Female College Students

Jeong-Ju (Jay) Yoo, Baylor University
Hye-Young Kim, University of Minnesota

Tendency to Regret and Compulsive Buying Among Fashion Adoption Groups

Seung-Hee Lee, Southern Illinoise University
Jane Workman, Southern Illinoise University
Kwangho Jung, Seoul National University, Korea

Understanding Young Queer Adults' Experience of Accepting Queer Identities and Appearance Management

Jongeun Rhee, University of Wisconsin-Stout